July 28, 2020

Virtual Workshop:

The Power of Data:

Impact on Criminal Justice Reform

1:00-2:15 p.m. EST

The spread of COVID-19 in the country’s jails and prisons and the killing of George Floyd and subsequent demands for change have highlighted a fact long lamented by scholars and criminal justice practitioners – the lack of consistent and up-to-date data regarding all facets of the criminal justice system. Advocacy for criminal justice reform too often overlooks the fact that, without accurate and timely data, policymakers and advocates are unable to address effectively the harms of past policies or react nimbly during a crisis.

During the second installment of the Summer 2020 NASC Virtual Workshop Series, panelists will address the impact of data on the criminal justice system. The workshop will begin with a short presentation by Professor John Pfaff, author of Locked In, followed by a moderated discussion.


John Pfaff, Professor of Law, Fordham University

Anne Precythe, Director, Missouri Department of Corrections

Michael Schmidt, Executive Director, Oregon Criminal Justice Commission; incoming District Attorney, Multnomah County

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