NASC Executive Committee Elections

We are pleased to announce the slate of candidates running for the four vacancies on the NASC Executive Committee. 

  • Romie Griesmer, Supervising Attorney & Lecturer at Law, Widener University DE Law School and Delaware Sentencing Accountability Commission

  • Nikole (Niki) Hotchkiss, PhD, Research Specialist, Ohio Criminal Sentencing Commission

  • Matthew Kleiman, PhD, Deputy Director, PA Commission on Sentencing

  • Carl Reynolds, Esq,, Senior Legal & Policy Advisor, Research Division, Council of State Governments

Given the cancellation of the 2020 NASC Conference, the election will be held electronically using  Each NASC member eligible to vote will be sent an email from Election Buddy with a link to the ballot and a unique election key that will entitle the email recipient a one-time vote. 

This email will be sent on or just before June 15th.

The election will open June 15th and close on June 30th. 

Departing from the Executive Committee are:  Sara Andrews, Diane Shoop, Mike Schmidt, and Alex Tsarkov.

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